Foot Solutions Aurora - CLOSED
CLOSED, 5470 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80015, United States
Foot Solutions Aurora - CLOSED
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Foot Solutions has been a real lifesaver. I have had surgery on both feet. The staff is very knowledgeable and was able to fit me in the perfect shoe. They have also provided special orders for me. Look no further, this store has it all. I will recommend it to friends and family.

Review №2

I was so disappointed with the quality and knowledge of this store and the workers. They sold me a $225.00 pair of sneakers. I had to go back and get different inserts and today months later I have the same if not worse issues with my feet. All the lady did was watch me walk for 10 steps and thought she knew what she was talking about. PLEASE do not shop here unless you already know what you need and do not let them tell you what they think you need. :(

Review №3

This store is HIGHLY recommended! When we originally set out, we planned on going to another shoe store close by. When we walked into that store (Comfort Shoes), though they were friendly, they just could not provide the level of service I needed. We happened to go across the parking lot to Foot Solutions, and I am SO glad we did! Donna was incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgable in helping me find a pair of shoes to combat the issues Im dealing with. I probably tried on 10 pairs, and she never got frustrated. I will definitely be back, and plan on telling everyone I know about the level of customer service, professionalism, and overall helpfulness at this place. Great selection of shoes, too--what a treasure!

Review №4

Up until last weekend I had a great experience there. I had a ton of help from Matt. Last weekend I went in there and was left waiting an hour. I was brought some shoes and was never followed up with. I ended up leaving and buying my shoes online. I will be going to runners roost for all my future purchases.

Review №5

I went in for recommendations on how to relieve foot pain. I received great help and bought a pair of custom inserts. Relief! I bought a couple pair of shoes, then returned a pair. When I went in again and asked for help finding a new pair of shoes, I was literally ignored for 10 minutes. I left and have never been back. No excuse or reason for zero customer service.

Review №6

Staff is very knowledgeable about footwear that will help you in the long run. Nice people and a great, clean store!

Review №7

My young children need arch supports and the friendly employees at Foot Solutions always help us find the right orthotic in their size (baby/toddler/preschool)...and make sure they are appropriate enough to last at least a year of growing.

Review №8

Great and friendly customer service. Quality of products.

Review №9

On August 30th I purchased a $300 pair of shoes for your Aurora Colorado location. I was told it would take 7-10 days to receive. Today (Sept. 7th), I went into the store to check on my order. I was told by a rude woman that she didnt place the order until September 6th. I asked why it took a week to order my shoes. She stated in a VERY sarcastic tone, I ordered your shoes on September the 6th, because IM the one that does the ordering and thats why YOUR shoes were ordered on that date.. I just spent $300 in the store and I will not be talked to in that way without consequences! About the time she replied, Matt came from the back room and explained it costs Foot Solutions less money if they order in bulk, so they delay ordering. I will never go back into your stores and I WILL post reviews and notify everyone that follows me on several Facebook sites what happened to me in this store, today!

Review №10

Ive purchased a number of shoes from this store. The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.

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