Sul & Beans Korean Bingsoo Cafe
5427 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621, United States
Sul & Beans Korean Bingsoo Cafe
Review №1

Its a nice place to get late snack after being chased after by scary monsters over at Knotts. The place was buzzing with people who craved late night snacking. We definitely will not order the blueberry mint. It tasted awful at least to our family, the rest are awesome. We also like the toast filled something gooey goodness.

Review №2

Attended with a large group today - to be honest I wouldnt wanted to have served us - and they did a great job wrangling a huge order. Kids had multiple options including Mango, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream and watermelon, while the adults enjoyed iced coffees. A good afternoon treat.

Review №3

I missed bingsoo from when I had it in Korea! This place made me so nostalgic and happy. So yummy :)

Review №4

6.22.2021 Mango Bin Soo is soo good. Thought I would try it to compare with Taiwanese Mango shave ice or milk ice.. It holds its own. Especially, they place it in a thermal bag with ice for to go order.. it was still very good after 20 min on the road..I would definitely be back.

Review №5

Shaved snow is very good. We always order Strawberry. Doesnt come with red bean so we order side order of red bean for $1. Quite busy and nice atmosphere. Cool place for dessert, I think. Music is bit loud so it is bit difficult to place your order over the music and safety shield between cashier and you. They charge 95cents for take out. They put the shaved ice in what looks like an insulated bag with ice pack. Its nicely packaged and reasonably priced. However, cant understand why they charge twice when you order 2 items, even though they put all items in one bag.

Review №6

Not very good. Got a tea and the flavor was very weak and just tasted like flavored water. Would not recommend. Only nice thing is they have a a lot of tables.

Review №7

Love to stop by here after dinner out with friends! Its a nice place to stop in and continue your evening as you sit down and enjoy dessert. They have a wide variety of bingsoo flavors, original and strawberry cheesecake are my favorites. I have tried the drinks or toast but it all looks amazing. Friendly service and clean tables, too. Cant wait to stop in again!

Review №8

Choices galore- Bingsoo, toast, beverages and bungopang!Service is fast, bingsu is huge, everything is nice and fresh. Bingsu seems to have milk so there may not be vegan options. But definitely gluten free.Got a watermelon bingsu (size of a main course) and ginger honey tea to go. Came nicely packed with icepack and thermal packaging. Tea was delicious.Parking outside gets full, so little tough to get a spot. I think theres a platform and dont know if theres a ramp.

Review №9

Five stars for the nice staff but 3 stars for the ok bingsoo. I tried the strawberry and injumae, both were ok its missing the right sweetness. Maybe i ordered the wrong stuff ill try the sandwiches next time.

Review №10

Had take-out with my sisters. We loved the green tea matcha and strawberry cheesecake shaved ice! Came back next day with my friends for more and tried the refreshing iced green tea matcha latte and the grain drink called (misu-garu) which is a common Korean drink to have during the summer. ❤

Review №11

Its so delicious ! If you want special ice dessert try it. I like taro and goldfish shape bread .

Review №12

Not accommodating at all. Ordered the Earl grey to realize it had Graham crackers on top and wanted to change it before receiving it. They wouldnt change it to another flavor saying it had been made and would remove the Graham cracker. Anyway all it tasted like was condensed sweet milk with coconut sugar. $12 for iced water coconut sugar. What trash. Save your money and go to somisomi instead.

Review №13

This is a very typical Korean shaved ice location. The service was good, the food was average. I would recommend going here if you are into ambiance and atmosphere. We tried the mango and taro shaved ice, and they were alright. I like the fish with Nutella. That was nice and flaky.

Review №14

We ordered the fresh strawberry bingsoo and it was delicious! Store was busy but service was still great :)

Review №15

Delicious and nice service.Busy spot. Prepare for long line.Worth the wait.

Review №16

This is not part of the original Korean chain store Sul-Bing, but its definitely tasty!Ordered:Green Tea BingsooInjeolmi (Rice cake covered in 5-Grain) BingsooStrawberry BingsooNutella, Custard, Red Bean Boong-uh-bbang (Hot cake, fish shape like tayaki)Love, love, love the Boong-uh-bbang!Recommendation: Mix the bingsoo a little to evenly distribute the sweetness thats in the center of the bowl (lowest part of the bowl).I like the bowls, trays, spoons. Everything very well coordinated for bingsoo. Highly recommended.

Review №17

Delicious and a pretty light dessert after eating something heavy for lunch or dinner. 10/10. Nice space with delicious desserts. Tried the chocolate, strawberry and green tea. All eaten up by kids to adultd ranging from 3 to 72.

Review №18

The coffee bingsu/bingsoo was excellent! The black sesame toast was delicious as well. Plenty of seating was available indoors and outdoors.

Review №19

Tried the strawberry cheese bungalow and immediately was hooked! Really tasty shaved ice treat without being too sweet and its definitely refreshing.

Review №20

Authentic bing-soo(shaved ice).Came here once covid outdoor dining restriction lifted. There are several flavors and multiple toppings available. I had the mango bing-soo. Very good!Note: If you are lactose intolerant, I would not recommend bing soo from this establishment as it is milk based shaved ice.

Review №21

This is a great alternative to ice cream. Was vet tasty and refreshing. Will definitely visit for the summer. The portions are shareable. They gave it to us in a hot/cold to go bag.

Review №22

Their bingsoo is very good. I was expecting shaved-ice-like texture, but the granularity tasted something like between shaved ice and shaved snow. I especially enjoyed green tea flavored one. The matcha bitterness really compliments the sweetness of red bean paste and rice cake. The presentation was also very pleasant.Mango bingsoo isnt bad, but IMHO, cant compete with Ice Monsters (Taiwan) mango shaved snow.The store is well maintained, very bright and clean.

Review №23

I suppose COVID led to less than optimal presentation of the Bingsoo -- served in cylindrical deep plastic (take home) containers. This led to what I felt was lower amounts of toppings also. Red bean filled fish pastry was good. 3star rating results mainly from bing soo...

Review №24

Great desserts, fast and friendly service. The ice was dry and fluffy.

Review №25

I came here after having my anniversary dinner with my wife. I wanted something light and this was just the thing.The strawberries were sweet. The shaved ice was flavored like vanilla or coconut. The top part tasted just right. The bottom of the dessert was already melted though after just a few minutes.Would I come here again? Probably. I love shaved ice desserts. Its not as heavy as boba drinks but in turn theyre abit pricey for a desert (I think this is around $10).

Review №26

Getting better and nicer. Best Korean desert in town.

Review №27

Lack of flavor in just about everything, including the custard taiyaki

Review №28

Mango bingsoo was soooooo good that I wanted to order another one! :)

Review №29

Nice sitting area. Not impressive bingsu though.

Review №30

Good shave ice cream, busy place

Review №31

Great shaved ice! Get the injeolmi flavor

Review №32

I love this shave ice, I think this is the best shave ice ever!! To go carry on bag for the ice it’s soo neat !Nice customer service as well ! 👍🏼

Review №33

Variety of menus and kind and fast service! The taste was great, too. It was a little hot inside, but you will get ice anyway:)

Review №34

Great customer service, come check this place out. Great food

Review №35

First time trying here tonight..shave ice was ok, nothing special. I order the mango and they said they ran out of mango. End up ordering the strawberry and it was ok.

Review №36

You will be cold in summer @ LA. But now Covid 19, only to go packing.

Review №37

Korean ice but a little expensive.

Review №38

Good food good staff good quality. I liked it very much

Review №39

Watermelon binsoo is so good!!!

Review №40

Horrible experience, poor customer service, and sticky and dirty place! Will be sending report to health department!

Review №41

Love sul and beans, my friends and I go here and like to hang out and talk. We end up sharing bowls, at least 2 per person, per bowl, theyre all good so you cant really go wrong with whatever flavor you pick. The toast is kind of average in my opinion but if you dont or cant make it at home, it could hit the spot.

Review №42

Good 👍

Review №43

Owner is very unkind .

Review №44

Got their earl grey bowl, good flavor, just the right amount of sweetness, fluffy ice.parking is decent but shared among the other stores in the plaza, ok for small & big parties up to 8-10 people, easy to spot

Review №45

Yummy bingsoo, Korean shaved ice with lots of flavor options. Love, love, love the taro, but sadly this location doesnt serve it. Not as nice as the la location, but still yummy. Green tea is a must and the coffee is good too.

Review №46

Good Quality Bingsoo, but unreasonably priced.

Review №47

Smaller than I imagined. Cute little quaint area hidden by trellises and Jasmine off to the side with mix match chairs and cushions and wooden tables.I LOVE THIS PLACE. Soooooooo good. The rice cake toast and the shaved ice is delicious!

Review №48

Got my order togo and they put it in a nice insulated bag for me. The shaved ice is really good. I recommended the strawberry cheesecake. My friends tell me the taiyaki is also pretty good there.

Review №49


Review №50

My first time here for black sesame and red bean shaved ice treat, it so good.

Review №51

Best snow ice around. I would post a photo but we were too busy enjoying our mango ice.

Review №52

Tasty cold Korean shave ice! I recommend try out toast!!

Review №53

Very good

Review №54

Surprisingly the black sesame one was my fav!

Review №55

Sul & Beans here makes their taiyaki perfectly crisp and toasty, while keeping the insides moist, fluffy, and slightly chewy. Its so rare to find any kind of -yaki place that doesnt over grease their griddles. As for the bingsoo shaved ice, its miraculous how fluffy they make it. If youre shy about the injoelmi soy powder, dont be! Its like peanut butter powder. The nutty-salty-sweet combo of the injoelmi Bing Soo is my favorite, followed closely by the sesame one, which has a similar flavoring

Review №56

I would give them negative stars if there is any. This place was so dirty and filthy.... I saw roaches running under the tables when I visited last time. Couple of employees chasing after roaches with mops. I would never coming back this place again. Never ever....

Review №57

Although kind of pricey, the bingsoo (shaved ice) here is simply amazing and never fails to disappoint. The injeulmi toast is also delicious and tastes very nice with the bingsoo.

Review №58

One of the best Korean shaved ice place. Love their original rice cake shaved ice and rice cake toast.

Review №59

Big portion, should come with some friends to share, about 3 person for 1 bowl of bingsu. My recommendation is Mango, its a 💣! Really clean and nice place to hang out with friends or family on weekends! 😃😃

Review №60

Both times I came to the restaurant it was a mess. Tables, floor, front counter, and the kitchen appeared messy. The shaved snow was good but I couldn’t get over how unclean it was.

Review №61

If you are looking to try Korean Icream, I recommend trying this place. The portions are large enough for two people or maybe even three people. You gotta try the Cheese Toast! It was trully delicious.

Review №62

I dothos again yummy delishous

Review №63

Cute place for dessert. It has indoor seating and outdoor cottage style seating. Theres warm sweet toasts, refreshing Korean shaved ice, coffee, and other beverages. The top menu items are the shaved ice and toasts; every table has an order of it.Black Sesame Bingsoo: 9.95: black sesame powder didnt blend well, so another flavor may taste betterSweet Potato Injeolmi Toast: 6.95: a little too sweet for me, but the texture was goodService: minimal, you order at the counter and then pick up the order when the buzzer goes off.Desserts are good to share, and theres complimentary fruit infused water on the side. Overall 3.5 star, round down to 3 for the price tag.

Review №64

Service was terrible, prep area was nasty. The kid at the counter didn’t know they ran out of certain drink and charged me for it. After finding out only 2/3 of a cup was all they had, he mentioned I should take it as it is since he didn’t charge me $1 for ordering for takeout. He literally told me I should tell him the order is for togo upfront. Terrible service, overpriced food, and everything takes lifetime to get. NEVER GOING BACK

Review №65

Bomb binsoo!!

Review №66

They need to stop using chemicals to clean their floor. It smells nasty, and i felt like the chemicals were penetrating through my skin! Definately not safe for kids to be around..

Review №67

Very nice desserts.

Review №68

Loved their various selections of Shave iced.

Review №69

Too much dirty hall, table and bathroom .I think they never clean during the business hours

Review №70

Korean ice shave red bean topping. A lot of seating even in patio.

Review №71

I felt the shaved ice here was ridiculously overpriced. $10 for some watermelon over sweetened ice is just too much.

Review №72

Good surprise. Its time there

Review №73

Average desserts. Similar korean cafes are available around the area. Overrated IMO.

Review №74

The Yummiest Injelomi pat bingsoo if you add red bean even better!!!

Review №75

Same quality with less wait compared to the LA location.

Review №76

Great, fast service. Delicious shaved ice.

Review №77

YAY theres a sulbing in buena park now!! Im not really an ice cream or shaved ice lover, but I am usually down for sulbing. My favorite one is the injeolmi bingsoo. I love the misugaru, just wish it had some red beans in it!The strawberry one is not that good because the strawberries are usually not sweet.

Review №78

Tayaki was burned a little, bingsoo was good but I prefer ktown

Review №79

Great shaved ice...very popular spot!

Review №80

Love the shaved ice, sad that they no longer serve taro. Kinda loud

Review №81

Good selection of Bingsoo. Iced Shock Hye is very good.

Review №82

Has patio which allows for dine in bingsoo.

Review №83

Sul & Beans started off in K Town in Los Angeles, and now has expanded to the new K Town in Buena Park.Sul & Beans is an exact clone of Sul Bing in Korea, which is dubbed the original and the best.But how is this shaved ice (aka bingsoo) different from all the other shaved ice on the market?1. The texture is different. This is super fine shaved ice.2. Instead of water ice, its a subtle flavored milk ice.3. Injeomi (one of the most popular flavors) is a unique flavor that works with shaved ice. Its rice cake powder that compliments the super fine milk shaved ice.4. Its not too sweet and catered towards the Korean taste buds. You can still eat it without the complimentary extra condensed milk thats provided.My recent trip to Korea, I loved Sul Bing so much, I went five times and even went to the original in the City of Busan.Sul & Beans is as close to Sul Bing you can get. Trust me Yelpers.Tips1. Three people max should share one shaved ice.2. Get extra cups to transfer the shaved ice (if you dont like the idea of other spoons double dipping).3. Try the injelomi, the rice cake powder shaved ice. Somehow, someway, the shaved ice works well with that topping.4. Request for more condensed milk (no charge).5. Still having trouble what to decide? Theres a display of every flavor in the Turbo Air refrigerator by the cash register. Safe flavors are strawberry, mango or the Oreo.Sul & Beans is a unique dessert to try after a delicious Korean or non Korean meal in Buena Park or Fullerton. Follow the tips and youll be as confident as how Steph Curry shoots his threes.

Review №84

Service could be better and the bingsoo was not worth the price. There is no layers and it lacked toppings.

Review №85

Yummy and beautiful shaved ice! Clean and friendly place.

Review №86

Taste nothing without condensed milk....

Review №87

Great taste of shaved ice.

Review №88

Only 3 stars due to long waiting. How long? Almost 40 minutes.

Review №89

Best bingsu

Review №90

Great place for sul bing

Review №91

Earl gray and water melon is freakindisgusting but everything else is pretty great!

Review №92

This place gets crazy busy on weekend nights.

Review №93

Very unkindly and for customers attention is not

Review №94

They are not giving the receipt. Last time they have told the printer was out of order when I asked the receipt and theyre telling me the same words. The food was so bad, especially mango. I dont recommend anybody.

Review №95

Delicious desserts, tea and coffee.

Review №96

Their bingsoo is amazing

Review №97

It was okay, a little bit pricey though.

Review №98

Nice shave ice!

Review №99

No good w/out condensed milk.

Review №100

For teens not for business meeting

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