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California Westys
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I have a 1986 VW van that I have had for about 25 years. I have always put money into maintaining the engine and not the body. I was finally able to have the body work done and of course I went to Cesar at Cal Westy. I already know he and his crew do good work because they rebuilt my van after it caught on fire. And hes done other maintenance type work for me. It took a little longer than I expected, but when I got it back it was incredible. I was amazed at how beautiful it looked and also the attention to detail. Honestly, when I went to pick it up, I didnt recognize it, and I walked right past it. It was beautiful.......... I only know it is the same van because it drives the same. :) Cesar went above and beyond for me. I feel proud in my van now because it looks great! Thank you Cesar and to all your crew :)

Review №2

A major mechanical on a road trip far from home necessitated repairs. Recommended Ca Westies by multiple sources. Cesar and crew took care of me in a timely fashion and quality work(a new motor). 3k+ miles and zero issues.

Review №3

Had Cesar put in a new subaru 2.5 engineAnd now i have all the power I need for freeway driving and just generally a completely reliable 1985 westy! Very happy with Cesar and his crew!

Review №4

😊. I bought a 1985 Syncro Westfalia from Cesar at California Westy. It was during this darned pandemic and parts were not always easy to get but Cesar and his guys worked hard to get my van to me! Shes a beauty. Im totally stoked. Ive gone back down a few times for some follow up stuff. Im always greeted very nicely. Cesar and his staff are very nice and work hard to satisfy their customers. Even though Im in LA I plan to have Ca Westys do any work my van needs. I consider them friends! But for now its time to hit the road to Mammoth!! Thanks Cesar, Jose, Eric and all !!!

Review №5

A conscious and masterful team of VW specialists. caesar will take care of you indefinitely. finished my new clutch on my 84’ vanagon in only a few days. thank you!!!

Review №6

Had my 84 Westy repaired here after getting rear ended and it took so much longer than they said it would. Then when I finally went to pick it up (took like 4 trains to get there from LA) when I got there it wasn’t done! They had the old damaged bumper still on and Cesar told me that “that didn’t happen in the accident” I was at a loss!!! It took several more hours before I was on my way #TotalFrustration.Plus there was/is so much over spray.I also have a friend up here in Los Angeles who has a weekender, who had bodywork and paint done there and was totally displeased with Cesar and the work.He has since had it re-done up here in LA and it looks amazing!

Review №7

Cesar and his team are amazing. Got my Westy restored two years ago! I couldn’t be happier. I Always come back for all my routine checkups and they always get my van in and out in a timely fashion while I wait! Highly recommended!!!

Review №8

These guys are incredible. Our Westy, Tom, broke down and these guys stayed open an hour late just to get him up and running again. Amazing customer service!

Review №9

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my 89 Westy, Ruby, that I purchased from CA Westys nearly a year ago. I have had very few minor issues with her and when I did, Cesar and his crew have gone above and beyond with both customer service and mechanical service. I recently returned from a nearly 4000 mile road trip with Ruby. Prior to leaving, CA Westys checked everything and assured me that I shouldnt have any problems, as long as I checked the oil and coolant levels, which I did. Still a little nervous about the trip, Cesar gave me a list of VW mechanics along my route that would be able to help me. Fortunately, I had no use for the list. Ruby was a trooper and a total pleasure the entire trip. Having this vehicle has added so much positivity to my life by allowing me to go on adventures and excursions and knowing that CA Westy has my back, makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Cesar and all your fabulous crew!

Review №10

Rad place, excellent pricing and service. Cesar is a pretty cool dude stoked on my vanagon service!! Thank you!

Review №11

Jake here-California westys always does the best work! Cesar and his guys are all very respectable and they do amazing work! Anytime I have something from a small to big issue I bring my vanagon here and they never fail me or my van!A wise man once said If you buy quality you only cry once

Review №12

Cesar and his mechanics are incredible! I showed up in the rain with my 85 Vanagon asking for parts and they were all incredibly professional and helpful. He didnt mind me asking questions and looking around his amazing shop. All while his guys were hard at work on my VW... Even lying underneath with rain dripping in their eyes. Unbelievable customer service, affordable, and truly experts at their trade. 5+ stars through and through!!

Review №13

Awesome shop! Great service!

Review №14

Excellent, professional work.

Review №15

Very unsatisfied about my remplacement of my speedometer cable, after 3 comeback, He still not work....... Cesar was nice but the work on my westfalia was miserable. Bad job.... îm gone go to gowesty

Review №16

Two years ago my VW van caught on fire. It is an 86 Westfalia. I have been all over the United States in my van. I had it towed to my house where it sat for almost a year. I had to decide to fix it or sell it. I decided to fix it and so I contacted Cesar. I wanted to work with him because he specializes in VW vans and he and his crew do everything: mechanical repairs, rebuilding, and body work. Cesar came out to my house, looked at my van and told me he felt it could be salvaged. I had it towed to his shop and he fixed it. It runs great! It runs strong and I am in love with my van again! Thank you Cesar. P.S. I told Cesar I didnt want to write a review because then everyone would come to Cesar and he would have no time for me. He said he would always have time for me! Yay!

Review №17

Phenominal service! Great prices. On our way to Mexico our ring and pinion gave way to the grapevine. This all happened on a Saturday night. Stressing out not wanting to loose out on one day of our yearly two week holiday I was referred to Ceasar owner of California westy by Salim at Country Home Campers. We limped our car to San Diego that night hung out at ocean beach for a day with our dogs. Monday morning called five of the best westfalia shops in a 50 mile radius. All of them said 5-7 days to repair (Meatloaf) our van. After diagnosing the problem and confirming my suspicion of our malfunction Caesar promised us that we would be leaving his shop the next morning. He took us in at 930 am Monday morning and had us on the road 6 pm that night all with in business hours. 3k miles later we are back from our trip safely home in san Fransisco and our van has never ran better. Thank you Caesar and the California Westy team.

Review №18

What can I say? Cesar and his crew are amazing. I was having some issues with performance with my 84 Westy that another shop couldnt figure out for some reason. After having spent over 5 grand and over 3 weeks at San Diego Westy I was given back a under performing van and as you can imagine I was left pretty disappointed. Ill try not to focus too much on my bad experience with San Diego Westy (see the review on Yelp in the days to come), but I would recommend to anyone with a Westfalia that you see Cesar and his crew at California Westys first and do not take your van to San Diego Westy.Cesar was honest, professional and I could tell he had plenty of experience the moment I brought my van to his shop. First off all you see is a well run operation once you arrive. His lot is filled with Westys and mechanics all over the place. Restoring vans from the ground up, rebuilding engines, you name it. He took a ride with me in my van along with one of his mechanics. They could totally understand my frustration with the performance, but Cesar assured me that they would work their magic and get the issue resolved. I showed them all the previous work that had been done at San Diego Westy and they were shocked by how much I was charged for previous work done to my van. This of course added to my frustration and Cesar could see this. Once again though he assured me they would dive into the under performing issue and get it resolved for me. They did engine performance test, valve clearance adjustment, engine compression test-- which he graciously did at no charge. Ignition timing adjustment, and replaced the spark plugs. I dropped my van off on a Tuesday late afternoon and all this work was completed by Thursday afternoon of the same week. I was back at the shop picking up my van by the end of the day on Thursday. It runs amazingly well now. Better than I ever imagined at a price that was very fair and reasonable. My only regret was not taking my Westy to Cesar and his crew first. I wouldve saved myself a ton of $$ and a very disappointing first repair experience. So I stress to anyone and fully recommend Cesar and his crew. They are true Westy mechanics. Thank you Cesar and your wonderful crew.

Review №19

This place is really cool with awesome service. I wish I could by two VWs from them

Review №20

Excellent work on my van, for a fair price. They replaced my brake booster and my distributor for me, set the timing and everything right, and the van is running well now.

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