Barnes & Noble
1201 42nd St SW, Fargo, ND 58103, United States
Barnes & Noble
Review №1

My fiance and I found all the books we wanted and more! Its great because she likes to read and I get to watch her read the LOTR books. The store itself is great with a wide array of books and genres to fit any interests you may have. If you love books and have absolutely no impulse control, this is your place to be!

Review №2

Love this place so much. Every employee has always been helpful. The pick up ordering is very convenient. Great place for all types of books and kid friendly!

Review №3

I really enjoy this store. I love their Lego selection, their game options, as well as the great variety of puzzles. And of course you cant help but love the large selection of books. My son was looking for a very specific book and the staff was extremely helpful in finding it. I also love the Starbucks Cafe with great drink and snack options. I really enjoy the entire experience and always look forward to going to the Barnes and Noble in Fargo.

Review №4

Always a great selection of books and interests for all agesTheir toys for children are interesting as well. As an added treat is the coffee/snack area.

Review №5

Always an amazing store with unique finds. I go in to browse or get ONE THING, but I walk out with my arms full. Such a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The Starbucks is wonderful. Everything is very well labeled and its easy to find things. Could not recommend this store more.

Review №6

I love barnes and noble it reminds me of when I was a little girl going with my nana playing in the kids section while she read her book and sipped on coffee

Review №7

I went into the store and I had no idea what I was looking for except I know which kinds of books my daughter likes and an employee recommended me some books and they were something that I had remember my daughter talking about so her suggestions were spot-on and she was nice and friendly the store was clean. For the extra couple dollars it costs to buy at a local bookstore versus Amazon oh, I will definitely come back to the bookstore just because theyre helpful and their suggestions are right in line with the kind of things my daughter likes to read. The world still needs brick-and-mortar bookstores and I am glad this one is still here.

Review №8

Such a clean, wonderful bookstore. My son and I could have stayed for hours!

Review №9

Friendly and helpful staff, clean and quiet, and they have a cafe spot so you can drink coffee/tea while browsing or reading. Absolutely loved! Perfect spot to relax and check out books and new releases without being bothered while you decide if you want to purchase.

Review №10

Loved the set up of this one, it was very cozy and well organized

Review №11

Fabulous place to go. Many great books on spooks for Halloween 🎃 enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte also.

Review №12

Whats to say?! Its B&N!!! Great breakfast sandwich and capp!!

Review №13

Great, clean, well stocked store. Friendly staff.

Review №14

Love there os sell bookstores. I like to get graphic novels (basically comic compilations) there. The 10% off for being a member ads up. Quick if you like these stories

Review №15

My 14 y.o. daughter and I love coming to B&N.We are homeschooling this year. Since I’m teaching her I was able to get a 20% discount educators card. This has saved me greatly. The staff is always helpful when needed. We love the discount section!

Review №16

Employee was very helpful took my armful of books to register while I looked for more books, thank you very much. Was in need of some reading and took the opportunity to do so. Its good to see there are still some book stores out the, I dont like the electronic books.

Review №17

While looking at books in the childrens area, was asked if help was needed and she recommended a book. A gentleman from the Cafe was nice to offer a sample, I declined. The woman at the register was okay.

Review №18

For a big book store they are very limited on alot of subjects. I was looking for some educational/ do it your self windmill electric systems and they had nothing and only 1 book on solar. The place is well kept and clean but that doesnt help my self education.

Review №19

Love their adult coloring relaxing books but they need to keep more variety in stock for pick up

Review №20

I was looking for a specific series, and they were so helpful! They even led me to the bargain shelf where I found exactly what I wanted!

Review №21

Love the bookstore. People are friendly, the store smells great, huge selection

Review №22

Bro I love this place it has everything you want and need literally everything. I would live here if I could!

Review №23

One of my favorite places in the world! A vanishing breed-a book store. But what an awesome experience. Exceptional place to be.

Review №24

I love books. Most if my novels I get electronically however I stop in here often to update my personal reference books. Walking in Fargos Barnes and Noble always puts a smile on my face.

Review №25

This is a great place to enjoy a coffee,Danish, and a good book.very enjoyable place to go and read a good book or take the kids also.

Review №26

I wish they had a bigger selection for manga but I love coming here, everyone is always so awesome.

Review №27

Lot of readers there tons of books i mean tons everything for everyone they even have a Starbucks they serve pie cookies coffees was a positive environment, they have puzzles legos funko pops trading cards was my first time in there was very impressed its better then a library :)

Review №28

I ordered 5 books from Barnes & Noble & I am VERY dissatisfied with their shipping. I have been given several different confirmation dates on when things should have arrived & none have been accurate. I was supposed to receive 4 of my 6 items yesterday & nothing came. Now it says as far as I can tell on their tracking thing which is not updated at all 2 of them should possible arrive today & not a clue on when the others will get here. VERY UPSETTING!!!! I do not recommend ordering online from here at all!!!

Review №29

Still a great bookstore. The staff is helpful and the selection is amazing. Great coffee too.

Review №30

Outside, front of store was very bland and unassuming. Didnt look like a Barnes & Noble, beyond the sign. Inside was very nice and organized/clean. Was very different layout to the previous locations I had been to.

Review №31

My son and I love going here. The store is organized, clean and the staff friendly. Great selection of gifts as well as books. Thanks for getting it right, B&N!

Review №32

Great shopping experience, most of the employees didnt engage with us but the kids bookseller was amazing!!

Review №33

Modern bookstore with a classic feel. Awesome friendly staff with a wonderful selection.

Review №34

Always nice and quiet, the Cafe area has lots of seating and plenty of outlets so your laptop wont die while youre working.

Review №35

Very nice I could live in that book store. I always find what Im looking for plus find some stuff to read that turns out very interesting. Good very well go broke here .

Review №36

Great place for books and coffee. Great store free wi-fi.

Review №37

Have not had a good experience at this store for a while now something very strange going on. The hair on the back of my neck stands when I go inn and I feel like I am being followed while in there shopping. Overzealous security at the store possibly. Update: Spoke to corporate and the store manager and they are seriously looking into what is happening at this store to insure no one is in any danger. They are also going to try to carry more books in what I would like to buy.

Review №38

Love there selection of books.

Review №39

The employees at this location are beyond helpful! I felt really incompetent and unable to find anything, and the two people that helped me were more than happy to do so!!

Review №40

Great place. Clean, organized, and plenty of bargains with 50% off!!

Review №41

The quality of books can very sometimes with some that the put on the shelves look like a dog ate it but otherwise pretty good for most part

Review №42

Always clean and well laid out, this is a Fargo gem that I hope always sticks around. Ive always loved Barnes and Noble and Im proud we have a nice one.

Review №43

Employees are really friendly and helpful here. Everything is very well organized. Love the pop culture selection they have here too! Lots of neat stuff that I havent seen at any other Barnes and Noble stores. Definitely worth a look!

Review №44

The best manga selection and amazing pricing on books plus the indoor Starbucks is a nice snack break, the kids section is adorable and my daughter loves it, great selection for kids science projects and some toys.

Review №45

Barnes & Noble in Fargo is awesome, kind and friendly, personally walked me to the section I was in search for. Fair prices and fast checkout. After the worst shopping experience ever in Bismark location last summer I almost did not inside. But glad I did and will shop the Fargo location again.

Review №46

Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Great staff.

Review №47

Very helpful staff.

Review №48

Great place to go.I take my grandkids and they love it.If they dont have a book they will order it for u and very knowledgable help.

Review №49

They have lots of books. Even ones with cute animals on the cover.

Review №50

Shawnia was very polite and helped me find the books I needed, great book buying experience

Review №51

Live out of townLove the selection and staff are very helpful and friendlyAlways try and stop in when Im in town

Review №52

The staff was very nice and helped me look for exactly what I had wanted!

Review №53

I cant begin to describe how great this location for Barnes and Nobles is. Our entire family shops here. I would give a 10+ if the rating scale went that high. Store associates are super helpful and courteous even during this awful pandemic. Selection is fantastic. Cant say how much better they could do this. Mandatory stop for us in the Fargo area!

Review №54

Always enjoy visiting here every time I am in Fargo.

Review №55

Great costumer service.

Review №56

Starbucks in store. Not too crowded. masks required. Friendly helpful staff for sure.

Review №57

Great selection of books for a mainstream chain store and pricing comparable to online within pennies.

Review №58

Great place to review and purchase books

Review №59

Helpful and friendly staff. Always find what I need.

Review №60

We go here about once a month and they pretty much always have whatever book were looking for, which is nice. Its not inexpensive, but the prices are certainly reasonable.

Review №61

This store does NOT EVEN carry top sellers. I find them At Target. So that pretty much tells u how bad the store is. Store Manager has limited knowledge on books and terrible attitude. Not my fav Barnes and Noble..

Review №62

Wasnt looking to buy a book, just killing time. Bought 3 books and a mag...go figure.

Review №63

I love this place! Its easily navigated and very beautiful and calming on the inside. The workers are super helpful too! 10/10 recommend!

Review №64

Easy to get around and nice people

Review №65

Fun to take my daughter in to pick out books. Great customer service too!

Review №66

This is my favorite place to be.

Review №67

Kids love this place. Big selection on books and projects kits for kids.

Review №68

Amazing, clean store. Awesome customer service.

Review №69

I’ve loved this store ever since I was a kid - I often told my mom I wanted to ‘live’ at the Fargo B&N 😂 Going to B&N brings me such a thrill of nostalgia and excitement. I haven’t been for a while given the pandemic, reduced hours etc. and Seth was super nice and courteous today at the checkout and I had a great experience as always. The staff are always very kind and willing to help you.

Review №70

Id never leave if they didnt close

Review №71

Always enjoy browsing. Clerks are super helpful.

Review №72

Nice store, helpful staff, rare books are hard to find...selection of older offerings limited.

Review №73

Super friendly, and helpful staff. Very clean! Wide selection of books and toys. I love this place!

Review №74

Large selection, well laid out, nice & bright! Staff were friendly & efficient.

Review №75

Got a book and out. keep rearranging store makes it hard to find what you want

Review №76

I bought a piece of cheesecake for 5 was so hard and rubbery I could not eat it...I took it back to clerk and received no sorry or anything. When I asked if I could get something else in exchange she did no offer anytbing..poor

Review №77

Quiet place. Always liked this store, but there is no place to sit and read now unless you purchase food or drink.

Review №78

I get lost in this place. So much knowledge & information, its kinda overwhelming. Love it!

Review №79

Nice visit, nice browsing and Nic Nacks

Review №80

Great to find books, anime and games

Review №81

Great place to shop, I love the atmosphere. At first kind of tough to find what I was looking for, but didnt take long to find my way around. Very good selection of titles and a lot more

Review №82

Feel free to take as long as you want to browse the selections. Cafe is better than most Fargo restaurants. Helpful staff who take time with each customer. Never a dumb question.

Review №83

Great book syor6

Review №84

Fantastic, great customer service, always interesting books to find here!

Review №85

Barnes and noble is practicing social distancing, at check out. But like every other store in town, its very busy. We went to replenished our Christmas cards, they have a good supply at 30% off.

Review №86

Loved it. Whats not to like.

Review №87

The layout of the store is so nice, the associates are friendly and helpful. Its a great place to take kids, relax, or study.

Review №88

Huge store with just about every book you could want.

Review №89

It was an average experience until they start enforcing their house policy a little bit too aggressively by being too close to you too fast with way too many people around just simply ask you to put on a mask. Will not shop here again as there are other bookstores here that are not nearly as aggressive but still make the point.

Review №90

Kids love it here

Review №91

Good service and customer service.

Review №92

Its a very clean store and most of the shelves are perfectly ordered. A bit light on adult level books, a bit heavy on childrens books. One too many times Ive had to order out - now if I order online Id go through Amazon. I guess the prices are concurrent with the book sale market - they seem steep to me but not unreasonable. Very friendly (and not pushy) staff.

Review №93

I recently picked up a book there and they put a security tag on the page of my book. Not very happy when I spent some money on a book to get it damaged.

Review №94

Love this place, they have any kind of book that your looking for and an awesome selection of journals. I can enjoy my coffee, watch my grandbaby enjoy herself. My daughter Been a member since 13, her first membership. Awesome place😀

Review №95

Its a good store, but their selection can be rather annoying at points, having a he first book of a series and then the fifth, nothing in-between.

Review №96

Wide variety available. Can be a delayed wait at the info desk. Sad to see the chairs have been removed due to covid but its understandable. BUT they do have hand sanitizer available at the door so its there to use when you walk in and when you walk out!

Review №97

Huge variety of stuff there. I got a cute planner

Review №98

If you plan on stocking hunter binden new book. WILL NOT SHOP AT YOUR STORE ANY LONGER.THANK YOU

Review №99

Found some interesting books and the staff were helpful

Review №100

So clean and orderly

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