Laguna Classic Cars
2171 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Laguna Classic Cars

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Has a nice collection for classic cars. Guy working didn’t even bother coming out of the office to talk to us. I went into ask a couple times and asked by he wouldn’t come and show the cars and not sure if it’s because I’m younger or what but said you not really here to buy, you’re just looking so have a look. I asked if he had anything around $15K and he said no, but when I checked the website he has at least 3-4 cars within that price range. I was interested in a red Mercedes he had but his demeanor turned me away.

Review №2

Bruce Connells review:Very responsive, very happy with the service the the car!

Review №3

I saw this car online, didnt know the salesman Andy Coyle at all. I read his google reviews and was a little uneasy given the odd average review but overall he seemed genuine from what I could work out. I spoke with Andy who answered my calls and emails every time and he went the extra mile to get information for me. I cross checked his info with other contacts I searched regarding the vehicle along the way and everyones information was the same even though they didnt know each other so what Andy was telling me was absolutely true. I purchased the car and now have it here in new Zealand and it is exactly what Andy said it was. From my experience Andy is a straight up guy and I would prefer to deal with him if I was to look at making another muscle car purchase.

Review №4

I found out about Laguna Classic Cars while searching through CarGurus. I sent a message about a car I was interested in and got a quick response from Andy. It was a great experience working with Andy, he answered all my questions and replied to my emails very quickly (I dont think I ever waited more than 10 minutes). I appreciated the video, thorough description, pictures and full CarFax report, this definitely helped since I live 250 miles from his shop and seeing the car in person was not possible. I moved forward with the deal and he had the car shipped out to me shortly after, upon arrival the condition was accurate and there were no surprises. Without hesitation Id do business with LCC again, I highly recommend!

Review №5

Extremely knowledgeable in all facets of classic vehicles. Wide variety of makes and models to choose from. I highly recommend that you visit Andy Cole.

Review №6

Called midday on a Sunday looking for help with my first classic car purchase. I had never purchased a car with the old style pink slip that doesnt have a title brand box in the upper right hand corner. The gentleman here answered my call, and ran the vehicles history and records for me free of charge! Confirming the cars clean title and history. Awesome service when they had nothing to gain!

Review №7

I have had two selling and one buying experiences with Andy at Laguna Classic Cars. All of my transactions have gone smoothly and Andy always answered my emails and texts in a timely fashion, even on weekends. I just purchased a 1965 VW Beetle and when I came to pick up the car it looked just as good in person as it did in the photos on the website. I drove it 80 miles home with no problems. Thanks Andy!

Review №8

I recently purchased a 2013 Corvette from Laguna Classic Cars and I must say it was a very smooth experience! Every aspect of the sale went well; from the initial contact, to arranging transportation all the way to New York. The car arrived as advertised and the truck driver was professional and courteous. The posted video and photos were very helpful. I highly recommend contacting Andy if youre looking a for a true classic car.

Review №9

Good product ..priced well ...friendly knowledgeable staff

Review №10

The salesman was amazing. Very upfront and honest and knowledgeable. I got an amazing car at a great price. Love my car. Thanks for a great experience.

Review №11

Cool cars and awesome mural 🐋

Review №12

Just purchased a 1948 Woody Wagon from Laguna classic cars. I purchased the car from Andy Coyle, without looking at it. Andy answered all my calls and answered my questions. He described the car to a T. Andy was honest and great to work with during my transaction. Once we completed the transaction the car was delivered the next day. I highly recommend Laguna Classic cars.

Review №13

Looked at a beautiful Mustang yesterday, Andy was great. Great cars and a very kind and knowledgable person! Fun just walking his cars and talking with him. He knows the cars and has a racing background, a wealth of knowledge that is hard to find these day!

Review №14

My first experience with Laguna Classic Cars & Automotive Art was excellent in every way including the delivery process which was performed by Centric Carriers, on time, professional. The car is a 1979 Mercedes 450SL, 34k miles, all original. Andy represented the car to be very clean, nothing needed and it is as represented. In terms of price, condition, mileage I have never found a comparable car not even close.

Review №15

Had a wonderful experience with Laguna Classic Cars. Purchased a 1968 Ford F250 and got excellent delivery service to the east coast from Centric Carriers. Andy and Rob are easy to work with. Check them out if youre in Laguna or send them an email if interested in any inventory.

Review №16

I like the old fashion cars and a good place to see cars and cruise around Laguna and Newport.

Review №17

Phenomenal service phenomenal cars

Review №18

I visited this dealership looking at a BMW. A bit skeptical at first, knowing this is a classic car dealership. I was greeted by Ray and Andy. Ray is a courteous person and Andy the owner, been around for over 40 years in car business. The BMW was exactly as described. I also met their mechanic Jim, perhaps the nicest guy youd ever meet. Car was beyond good. They seem honest. I recommend these folks to any body looking for a nice clean European car or even one of their beautiful classic cars. I love my car :))

Review №19

Excellent selection of older cars.

Review №20

Dear Car Enthusiasts,Look no further. To put it simply, I am located all the way out in Potomac, MD. This automotive shop made sure the car arrived quickly from California, the car was exactly as advertised, and they were all easy to work with. Any information I needed was given to me in a quick and professional manner. There was not a single complaint to be made. I have bought my fair share of cars and have had many different experiences. This was an online transaction and I could not be happier.

Review №21

Last month I went to Laguna classic cars show room and a 55 Chevy Bel Air had caught my eye. After discussing the car with Andy who knew every detail of the beauty I happily purchased it. Now while I was leaving I took a glance at a mercury 1939 sedan. Everything original ! 45 days later I was back purchasing it. Andy made me feel welcomed from the start and I will continue to buy or sell another classic car from Laguna classic cars.

Review №22

I bought a Factory Five Cobra from Andy. Great car great price service was impeccable. I couldnt have been happier. I would recommend Andy and have to many people. Thanks again AndyJerry WakefieldDana Point CA

Review №23

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! Here is our exciting experience in a nutshell.. My boyfriend put in an offer for a vehicle which was accepted. A few days later Andy the owner of this shady establishment said the seller no longer wants to sell the vehicle. Andy then went on to say if this seller doesnt want to sell his car then he also needs to get his car off his lot PRONTO. So we reached out to seller directly to see if he would change his mind and decide to sell it .. we were very open in pricing and was hoping for a counter offer worst case from seller if it was money vs emotional attachment. Seller replies and said that Andy sold it to someone else that day! He never decided not to sell the car. This place will waste your time and will lie to their own buyers and sellers for the biggest buck. We were ghosted, lied to and he even made the seller look like a flake. Avoid! BBB is next on my list. This review looks like it matches many others opinion on this place. Beware and go somewhere else.

Review №24

The service I received at Laguna Classic Cars was amazing! Andy was extremely helpful and gave me a fair deal on my dream car. This was one of the best purchases that I have ever made and the experience was easy and void of any pressure. I would highly recommend Laguna Classic Cars to anyone looking to purchase a classic car.

Review №25

Typical US car dealer with way overpriced cars. Went there to do an inspection for a customer. There was no contract before, just some calls with the customer, and seller was also told that there will somebody show up for an inspection and final negotiations. However, seller seemed to be angry that I showed up and noticed the bad shape of that car. Seems he hoped to make a good deal to overseas with no chance to check out the car. Well, car was a typical so called US Restauration, maybe done by Sloppy Joes garage. Dozens of imperfections, absolutely no love for a classic car. Just put a new engine in but leave (just one example!) the door and other seals hang around in tatters. Finally he harrased me and called me a time waster and so on. Seems he does not know what a car inspector does. Buyer beware, buy never a car without inspection there, just if you are happy with a car which looks only good on pictures. I cant list everything, its way too much. And far away from a restored car as advertised. And finally Mr. Seller : you asked me if I think you are an amateur. Well, selling cars to people who have more money than taste is not professionalism. And blaming a customer to not meet an appointment in time, but YOU noted the time wrong is not really professional. And ending up stranded on the street with no gas and need to call your mechanic to bring gas and a Jumpstart on a test drive with a customer... . Well, think for yourself how that is called

Review №26

This guy above has the wrong company in mind. There are no salespeople at Laguna Classic Cars in Laguna Beach - just the owners of the company - and there is ZERO sales pressure. ZERO! The vehicles at Laguna Classic Cars (the one on Laguna Canyon Road) are beautifully and carefully restored, difficult to find classic cars, that are in excellent running condition and are exactly as described by the owners. Full restoration, full disclosure, full service. That was our experience there. Laguna Classic Cars is the best!!

Review №27

Nicely laid out shop, good looking vehicles, but my opinion only here, Seem quite high on prices, when compared with like items from other suppliers of, roughly, like items . Was searching for 1967-69 camaro or another El Camino SS396. A real SS. They were roughly 6k higher than Very similar vehicle in Huntington Beach. I have lived in Laguna Beach over 52 years, and am Very familiar with the area and vendors. Thus IS not a knock, against thus dealer! Simply, my judged opinion. Salesman was always polite and a gentleman to my wife and myself.

Review №28

The only reason that they get one star is that zero star or no star is not an option. the salesperson are really pushy and try to pressure you. the salesperson act as if they are selling hot cakes on cart, acting and pressuring you to your purchase, this is what i heard if you want the car, come and take it before the other guy comes in by the days end, he said the other guy have said he will be back by end of the day with cashiers check. no code of ethics. IF YOU HAVE TOLD THE OTHER GUY TO BRING YOU MONEY, WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT BEHIND HIS BACK. NO SALES ETHICS. i never shopped in there and advise the same to you.

Review №29

Nice guys. Beautiful cars here. Ive been other places and they know their cars here.

Review №30

I have been working buying and selling cars from Andy for many years and I can tell you that he’s a real stand up guy. Last of the few very good people out there nowadays...

Review №31

What a great experience! Sold my consignment vehicle got a great price and made it very easy!!

Review №32

Andy always treats his customers right at Laguna Classic Cars, and really knows his products. I recommend him without question, and would buy or sell with him any time. Signed, a happy customer.

Review №33

Hi there,i highly suggest to not buy any thing from this showroom Andy and Reza, i bought a range rover 2015 from them so let me share my experience with them1- they told me the car has no accident, this was not true, the car has accident from back side and look like they have repair it without adding it to the report2- the seller promised me to send me the second key with all car manuals, which was no true3- i came from north California based on the facts of the car which has no accident, when i came, i immediately notice the accident. also the car has 1,000 Extra miles from the original post4- they deal with me so badly, because i came to them in sporty look with my friends old car.5- the minute i arrive after my trip from Sacramento, he told me there is some one else is coming after 20 min to buy the car so please hurry up this is really not professional at allso based on these facts i highly suggest before buy any car from them go and inspect it in any body repair shop, im sure they doing underground body fixing without reporting it.

Review №34

Ive now purchased and sold serval classic vehicles through Laguna Classic Cars and have had nothing but terrific experiences. Andy is knowledgable and streamlines the purchase process. If you have a classic car you want to sell at least consider Laguna Classic Cars.

Review №35

I bought a 62 Austin Healey from Andy a couple of years ago and got totally screwed. Andy lied numerous times about the condition of the car. After researching the VIN plate on the car through British Heritage, we found the plate on the car and the title did not match a 62 MK11 Healey at all. Got totally screwed by Andy, 42 thousand dollar car that is now only worth 10k as a parts car ....Thanks Andy!After reading Andys comment, he is right, dont believe anything Andy says about a car, be sure and hire an independent inspector in California before purchasing. This is the mistake I made as I live many miles away.

Review №36

I just finished detailing the 1969 Javelin that was delivered on Thursday from Laguna Classic Cars & Automotive Art.  It is EVERYTHING I hoped for.  This is a 5 STAR establishment.  I was extremely skeptical about purchasing a vehicle that I had not seen in person (due to past experience) but Andy made the process easy and low stress.  I asked probably 100 questions over email and Andy took the time to answer every one.  Even though this was probably one of the least expensive vehicles on his lot I was treated as if I was buying a $150K Ferrari.  In one email Andy told me I Deliver What I Promise .....That is EXACTLY what he did.  Thanks Laguna Classic Cars & Automotive Art for my dream car and delivering what you promise!!!!Semper Fi, Murf

Review №37

My first (and last) experience with this company was disappointment.I approached Mr. Coyle with clearly expressed interest in buying a car (listed at a fixed price, not auction or highest offer kind of sale), and I received bill of sale/invoice (which is considered lawfuly binding and replaces agreement of sale). Immediately I got the wheels turning regarding intercontinental payment and transport only to receive brief email in the afternoon that the car is sold to higher offer. I tried to solve the situation by increasing my offer and requesting to solve the situation, but no go and no empathy on the other side.So Mr. Coyle clearly desn´t have the cars he offers under control. The older gentlemen´s videos on youtube were so calming that I decided to give a go, buy a car without seeing it, with full confidence, which was quickly lost. This is not how to treat customers.

Review №38

We were looking for a new classic car to invest in for well over (60) days and finally found one that fit all the requirements at Laguna Classic Cars in Laguna Beach, CA. Andy, was a pleasure to do business with and represented this vehicle well.This business, as does ours, runs on referrals and I would highly recommend doing business with Andy Coyle and Laguna Classic Cars to all my friends and colleagues.Sincerely,Jon LitseyVPMach 1 Machinery, Inc.Redding, CA

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I was at Fischer Imports-cars were swnsationsl as were the owners.

Review №40

Laguna classic cars is located in laguna canyon these negative reviews are in reference to a different place.

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So very friendly

Review №42

Shister crook

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