Hoskins Coin & Gold Exchange
3215 Irvin Cobb Dr #102, Paducah, KY 42003, United States
Hoskins Coin & Gold Exchange
Review №1

My son recently got in to coin collecting. We went in this shop and I was blown away by how nice they are. They spent time talking with him, showing him things he needed to know and even gave him some free stuff. We have since went back and they were just as nice.

Review №2

Been dealing with these good people for years now. They are first class! In both knowledge and heart a first rate store. Cant say enough good things about all the staff.

Review №3

I had a great silver buying experience. This is such a nice family business.They alerted me that the gold coin I had with me to get cased was worth considerably more than I thought.

Review №4

Unbelievable stock of coinage. If youre looking for it they probably have it. If not, theyll get it for you. Easy to deal with. Family atmosphere and very knowledgeable.

Review №5

The BEST coin shop hands down. The best staff, I could sit in there for hours looking through coins that I want to add to my collection, and will never be pushed into buying. Even though I probably will buy something.. there is always a story to hear either from the staff or their customers. What a great way to spend a slow afternoon. I promise you will leave feeling like part of the family, and have new friends....

Review №6

Awesome place even better are the people working here!

Review №7

Its a family business full of good hearted, honest people. You cant ask for more.

Review №8

I Buy and Sell Coins. I went into the store about 9 months ago a New Costumer. I Sold a Few Coins and Bought a few. They gave me Great prices.... Then Sold me Coins at a Great deal. They never lie to me on anything. They will shot you straight on the Values.I still go to them for the Facts... Even though I have studied day and night for many years.If you want to spend your hard earned money on anything from Gold to Cent Coins. You will not find a more Fair and Straight Dealer.I would give them 10 Stars if it was an option.Loyal CustomerSteven Devert Dismore.

Review №9

They treated me like a i was there to rob them told me my buffalo nickel from 1916 was worth 7 cents it sold the next week for close to 800 dollars i wouldnt recommend them there very rude and the business smells like dog breath and farts

Review №10

Was passing through on way to see son in TennHad to stop to check coins out This family is awesome. They made myself and my wife feel like we had been friends forever. Great to deal with Also we have a new friend Barkley Morgan. Live in Illinois but will definitely make a stop next time we pass through. Very enjoyable visit

Review №11

I took my friend from Chicago who has moved here. She could not believe how friendly the staff were. She lost a couple of chips from her wedding ring and he had some extra chips and it cost her hardly anything. In Chicago she said they wanted $100.00 per chip. He could not put them in but referred us to someone that could. All around a great experience! Thank You so much Hoskins!

Review №12

Youll never meet a nicer group of people. Just stop in and say hi. Youre sure to make a new friend.

Review №13

My favorite coin shop! The wife and I make a habit of visiting stores whenever we travel. We’ve never found one nearly as good as our hometown store! Plenty of high quality merchandise, junk bins, bulk foreign coins, and gold/silver bullion. Staff treats you like family.

Review №14

Hoskins is thee ONLY precious metals dealer in the tristate area that you can fully trust with your buisness. Whether your looking to sell Gold or Silver Jewlery, Coins, or bullion, they will give you the absolute best price or buy it from you at the best price youll be able to find anywhere. A close nit, respectable, extremely friendly family, that will make you feel a part of that family from day 1 the second you step foot in their shop. And last but most definitely not least, Barkley can answer any of your questions whether it be coin history, gold or Silver content, which chew toys are the best, or he will love you forever if you pet him good an scratch his belly. You cannot go wrong when buying, selling, or trading at Hoskins. I havent the words to express how thankful I am for this family!❤

Review №15

The best coin shop hands down in western ky. Staff is highly knowledgeable, very friendly, and always honest. When you shop here you are always treated like family. The best prices in ky on coins, supplies, and so much more.

Review №16

One of the best coin shops I have dealt with. Been buying coins from Hoskins for years. Staff is nice and friendly. Great job guys.

Review №17

The absolute most honest, genuine, trustworthy, folks i have ever met in my life! Everytime i enter their store they not only treat me and everyone with the respect and curtosy deserved, but they honestly feel like family. They dont rush around tryin to find out what yoir gonna buy, or try to push things on you to get you to buy what they want to get rid of. They talk to you like a friend, and ask hows your family, hows work goin. Real down to earth, good people you can sense it a mile away. I wont name names but i must say, please be careful where and who you give your buisness if you dont want to get ripped off. The only time ive ever bought my silver bullion from any other store in Paducah, was the last time i will ever even dream of dealing with anyone else. And i shoulda had my head examined for why i had to learn the hard way. I went into a local paducah shop that time and spoke to the owner who sold me some silver ounce bullion. I should have known because ive been a stacker for years, but instead i trusted this fella and got bit. Later that day somethin kept bothering me about those silver ounces, i was amazed at how cheap i had got them. Well finely i musta woke up, because i took out my pocket knife an drug it across a small section of the reeding and sure as im breathing you could easily see the redish hue of copper underneath. Here i thought i got a great deal on some .999 silver bullion rds an i had been flat out robbed! I immidiately returned them an the shop owner acted all nervous an quickly tried to say he had no idea, but he would swap them for the real thing immidiately. He went to the back brought out a box with a bunch of silver rds in it, an proceeded to cut one with his knife, then said here we go see there these are the ones i ment to cell you. I Took the rnd he held out towards me and looked an sure enough it wasnt copper i saw, it was brass!😑 I said wth kinna buisness are you running this things brass with silver plate. He said WHAAAT! Like he had no idea. So, finally i was hot, an made him give me my money back, so i could go to a real coin shop that would never even dream of this bull, A place called Hoskins! And ill never, ever, ever, do buisness with anyone else as long as i live. Edwin A Dobbs

Review №18

Friendly staff and great prices.

Review №19

Nice people, clean business, knowledgeable and seemed fair on prices. Would go back again.

Review №20

Great family store

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  • Address:3215 Irvin Cobb Dr #102, Paducah, KY 42003, United States
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  • Phone:+1 270-444-0444
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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