Party City
8108 Abercorn Extention, Savannah, GA 31406, United States
Party City

Review №1

Based on the name, you would think this place would be not true. Could be covid-related. Im not sure, but its a depressing building. Five stars for the pond outside, though...beautiful!

Review №2

Bought a costume for my son yesterday at this store. Didnt receive a receipt at checkout. Got home and realized how poorly made it was and that he couldnt wear it. Went back to the store today and walked and asked if we could return it as it was still in package and in party city bag. We were told when we were at the counter that we couldnt return it but we could exchange it for same price or higher my son picked out a new one. Got to the counter and the rude manager David asked for the receipt. When I told him that we had just bought it yesterday and that we werent given a receipt he called me a liar in front of my children and claimed that they always give receipts. I even went as far as telling him to play back the security cameras to see that I never was given a receipt. Of course he wouldnt do that and continued to say I was lying. I dont normally make a big stink about these things but to be called a liar in front of my children I dont take to kindly to. If we werent allowed to exchange it, we should have been told that from the start. Poor management skills David. We will no longer be shopping at this store. And I do believe the manager should be taught some respect especially how to speak to people in front of their children.

Review №3

Dave was so helpfull and friendly! Helped us plan great costumes for my sons first halloweenHe really seems to love what he does

Review №4

Very good experience shopping at this store! Dave was very helpful and professional to assist me with I was looking for ! He answered all my questions and helped me find the items I needed ! Very professional!

Review №5

Awesome Balloon Boutique for my daughters 8th Birthday.

Review №6

Always counted on this store for last minute party decorations. This last visit, the in-store stock was severely depleted! Had to shop another store to get what we needed. Staff was very friendly and attentive and apologized for not having what we needed. Hopefully they will restock and get back to the Party City store we know and love. Will shop them for 4th of July and Update!!

Review №7

Shelves about empty the little items they had were overpriced. The balloons were the hot selling item and they were plentiful. Change the name from party city to balloon city

Review №8

Most employees are not wearing masks...including management. Shelves are pretty empty. The young man who helped me find the item I was looking for (which was missing from the shelf because it hadn’t been restocked) smelled intensely of weed, he was not very friendly and was not wearing a mask. Not sure how this store remains open....better off staying away from there and ordering online. Balloons are cheaper at the dollar store where they don’t charge for helium.

Review №9

Love party city. Got great items for a birthday party.

Review №10

This store is a mess so disorganized, barley any product on the aisle. It looks like there closing soon .The owner and managers dont care about their customers because their privately owned and have no consequences for their lack of customer service . Employees and customers not wearing mask . Im not even sure there taking any protective cautions.. I will take my business to online corporate

Review №11

I can always go in this place and find literally anything for any party theme.. LOVE IT!

Review №12

Jazz night for kids and mini Donuts

Review №13

Very little stock in the store to choose from just close it already.

Review №14

Super busy sometimes. Need to have more cashiers open at times. . Not a lot of selections most times. .

Review №15

Out of stock of a lot of items but overall good experience.

Review №16

Whittney Laken Galloway was extremely helpful, quick, efficient and pleasant! I called looking for a lost receipt from a month ago and Whittney was pleasant and patient and was able to retrieve the document I needed and she showed great customer service by being kind during the entire transaction. Whittney exceeded my expectations!

Review №17

Selection very limited. They do not have much in stock.

Review №18

Wide selection, some items a little pricey. If youre on a budget its best to do some comparison shopping. There are cheaper stores out there, i. e. Dollar Tree, Walmart.

Review №19

I was so confused by the process at this location. They limit what you can use your military discount on in a supposed military friendly area. I and other patrons waiting to be serviced....THANKFULLY a young lady doing balloons orders made sure to acknowledge me and get my balloons ready for me.

Review №20

Easy to find all your party needs in one place.

Review №21

Barely stocked.. long lines to check out.

Review №22

Sweet place

Review №23

They were pleasant and professional for sure!

Review №24

Well stocked party favors and costumes. Some things were overly priced but thats just party city.

Review №25

I can always find what I need

Review №26

This was not a well laid out Party City. No one available to help me look for anything. Left after 15 minutes of searching for someone.

Review №27

Store was wiped out, items were missing price tags...this was my first time at a Party City. Wont be returning.

Review №28

This visit was good. Customer service was awesome and they were knowledgeable about what i needed and was looking for.

Review №29

Workers not wearing masks, one worker made fun of another shopper not wanting to check out with him because he was not wearing a mask. Multiple customers were not wearing masks. No social distancing enforced. Will never go back, management clearly doesnt care about the wellbeing of societys most vulnerable, and I dont want to pass their germs to my elderly family.

Review №30

The store wasnt very organized & a lot of their merchandise didnt even have prices on them or on the rack they were on.

Review №31

Great place for all your party needs.😎👍

Review №32

Lots of party stuff at party city. Good prices too.

Review №33

Placed an order of balloons to pick up. Told me it would be ready by a certain time on the target day. I decided to go in about 15 minutes late to give them time just in case they were behind. My order wasnt even started, yet.Why? Because the order slip was still in the back instead of with the balloon preparation team.

Review №34

Nothing is stocked employees don’t know when they get shipments I mean it looks like it’s about to close.

Review №35

Found a cool grey alien mask for Halloween

Review №36

Amazing experience!!The tech was so sweet, she made sure we understood the ultrasound picture and seen exactly what we were having.The heartbeat teddy bears are absolutely adorable. Very nice place all around.

Review №37


Review №38

The store is nice but didnt have what i needed. I had to order online because a salesperson told me they had something n they didnt. I had to order off of Amazon just to get n time.

Review №39

They have anything and everything you could possibly need to put on the best party.Too much to choose from, but thats not a bad thing. AMD the prices are extremely affordable to.

Review №40

Good place to shop. Decent customer service. Better get there early though.

Review №41

Second visit for out of town (small) celebration. Always great customer service.

Review №42

I find everything I need for a party here! 😊

Review №43

The service was right on point. I wish I remember the Managers name that was working at the time. We were looking for Monsters Trucks and The Cars theme. Her on hands help saved us a lot of time. We was in and out in no time. The young lady was African American and said she was the Manager. Thanks for all your help Ms Manager.

Review №44

Friendly service from a girl named whitney or whitley. Cashier was very helpful.

Review №45

Good supply of holiday items.

Review №46

The sales lady was so helpful and so sweet to my grandson I definitely will go there again for all my party supplies

Review №47

I love the store, but this location is lacking. They were out of a lot of things, and were displaying products they no longer carried, which is quite frustrating. Otherwise, they have a large selection of great party options at good prices.

Review №48

Got what we were looking for.

Review №49

There are a lot of product selections. I had lots of good choices!

Review №50

I was looking for cute scream bowls and found them at Party City. Great selection although, it would be nice to have a wider selctiin to choose from. The employees were very helpful.

Review №51

Bought my son Halloween costumes from here. Great selection

Review №52

The worst party city Ive ever been to. All the aisles were empty and didnt have much of anything. Employees were condescending and not helpful.

Review №53

A little pricey but good service.

Review №54

Me and My daughter love party city they have so many different things you can buy. Its a great place.. 👍👍

Review №55

Always find what I want. Staff could be friendlier n my receipt was charged an extra item so checknur receipts!!

Review №56

They have everything you need for a party and more. But... Most things are pricey. Just get stuff from dollar tree and add a few nice things from here. Saves money and looks great!

Review №57

Good selection.

Review №58

Alot of items...Friendly service...

Review №59

My favorite party supplies store! Huge selection.

Review №60

Horrible customer service! The cashier had her purse on her shoulder...ready go at 6:00. She was mad at me for wanted 1 item at 5:56! So, she gave me my item and receipt in my bag! Just RUDE!!!

Review №61

Not the friendliest staff. My family came in about 20 minutes before closing. We reiterated multiple times we were just browsing for party ideas& would be out before closing. The staff glared at us the entire visit. Super rude. I guess well just stick with Amazon

Review №62

Very organized and the service team is very helpful and pleasant.

Review №63

I tried returning an item that was considered a halloween item and got told i could not when the woman told me specifically when i asked at checkout that i had 30 days to return them. I was never informed that there was a date they needed to be back by if they were a halloween item and there were no signs in the store or anything. The manager was extremely rude and acted as if I was dumb for trying to return the item. If i could rate it a zero i would and i definitely will not be shopping at party city again.

Review №64

The supply was wiped out due to Halloween.

Review №65

For how large the location is they dont have as much in the way of actual party supplies as you might would think. The staff here also arent that friendly. Not rude but you can tell none of them want to be there.

Review №66

Fun stuff for any occasion, not a good selection of cake pans.

Review №67

Always have everything Im looking for and very nice service.

Review №68

Not great at all.

Review №69

Employee helpful you guys need som inventory

Review №70

Great selection but a little pricey and the coupon online wouldnt pull up for me to have scanned.

Review №71

This is a pretty cool place to go to get anything for a gathering. Word of advice. Dont bring tour kids or you will be saying no to them a lot

Review №72

Great place for all your party need, worth the price!

Review №73

I love this location, but they need to do better with stocking products. Also, its always a long line. They only have like 3 workers, 2 pumping balloons, 1 on the register, and 0 on the floor helping customers.

Review №74

Great place for different colors of decorations, balloons all overpriced. Better selection online.

Review №75

Not a complete full store, it is half empty. Missing entire racks and limited choices in store. One of the employees or manager walks around armed, I imagine is for in case some one steals the clown masks or ballons, definitely this is not a high money transfer point but must be protected from the ready to go party shopping people. The store is located in the better area of town, so this employee looks out of place in between parents with children/strollers in the store.

Review №76

Love it

Review №77

Very helpful staff. Showed me how to use the helium tank I rented and waived the extra day fees bc I had to use it for my job

Review №78

This is a franchise.. this unfortunately sums it all up. Shop online if you want most anything. May be fine for Halloween.

Review №79

Had everything we were needing/looking for. The store was stocked nicely and somewhat clean.

Review №80

Very small. Even the large its more like a small/medium. Not good quality.. velcro doesnt stay.. I WOULD NOT recommend this..

Review №81

Great place for your party needed

Review №82

I went in to grab some last minute Fathers day balloons... I wont say that I had a bad experience, but service was very slow and when you have customers in the store employees shouldnt be arguing with one another in front them. It was very awkward for me and those that were waiting to pick up and place orders. I left speechless...

Review №83

Found everything I was looking for. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №84

Great selection of party supplies, not enough register help

Review №85

Employees helpful but only when asked.

Review №86

Love this place!! Hard to keep it stocked!! Lol

Review №87

This is the WORST store I have ever been in. The associates are RUDE and the manager is worse. I have been treated horribly on three different occasions and I am never coming back. I wish they would shut this store down and open a franchise so they have to answer to corporate because this store is managed poorly and by someone with a horrible attitude and terrible customer service skills.

Review №88

Customer Service could have been better

Review №89

Great place, but most of the good stuff you got to order online

Review №90

The women were very helpful with picking out balloons and very accommodating for my time frame.

Review №91

Got some great items for my Jazz Festival table.

Review №92

This is a nice size store but they are lack of employees, and the employees they have is burn out! They need to get some fresh employees in there.

Review №93

Awesome got everything I needed for my daughters birthday party....associate was very helpful

Review №94

Lots of costumes,party favors the works you can get lost in there a lot of fun just to shop...

Review №95

Need more than one associate to assist customers.

Review №96

I am usually able to find what I need and then some, however this past visit I was irritated that they had to restock almost every aile but did not have enough staff to do so. All in all I was able to get enough decorations.

Review №97

Great variety!

Review №98

Great sales team but store looked a little bare of merchandise.

Review №99

Just check to make sure your balloons are tied securely to the string tight. When I was there I did not and after I exited the store the balloon slipped the knot and flew away.

Review №100

First viait to this location. Found everything I was looking for and then some. Staff was absolutely awesome!!! I will definately be using this location as my default!!!

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  • Address:8108 Abercorn Extention, Savannah, GA 31406, United States
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  • Phone:+1 912-920-2979
  • Costume store
  • Candy store
  • Party store
Working hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–5PM
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  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:9:30AM–6PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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