Factory Edge
10000 Coors Bypass NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114, United States
Review №1

So I went in to get an industrial piercing and left with a nose piercing instead. Joe Chavez had a look at my ears and was straight honest about the fact that the industrial wouldnt work because of the shape of my ears. I appreciate his honesty. My nose piercing is perfect and Im glad i listened to him. I look forward to seeing him again and getting more work done. My husband did get his industrial piercing from Joe and he isnt one for piercing but he is so happy with it. He was sore for maybe 2 days.Im glad we both waited and we were lucky enough to be in the mall that day. Clean, professional, honest, and available if we had any questions.I would also like to add that we bought clothes and shoes there and Im happy with the unique style and the fact that its not like all the other stores. Thank you again and see you soon.

Review №2

I have gotten 4+ piercings here, & my very first tattoo . The customer service is AMAZING, and everyone is so friendly! I’ve sent at least a dozen people here and they’ve all gotten at least a piercing or a tattoo, always will support factory edge over anywhere else . I love the vibe, & the cleanliness of this place . I’ve never been happier with my piercings or tattoos until I started coming here I am so glad I gave factory edge a chance because it has never failed .

Review №3

Business is very professional & on time! The employees made the paperwork a fast & easy process! Waiting less than 5 minutes & the excellent & friendly piercer, Joe was ready for me with a clean area! Actual piercing was so fast & painless I didn’t even realize I was done! My experience has been as efficient both of the times I have visited! Got my industrial & went back for my nose piercing because I was so satisfied with the service! Highly recommend & definitely will continue to go back!

Review №4

I have been coming here for years now I’ve gotten tattoos here and got my industrial piercing by Joe and he is an amazing guy. I also buy their Merch and I’m always in there seeing what they got new so I can keep my gear fresh! I will always recommend them to everyone I know!

Review №5

I get all my piercings here done by joe! He is professional. Light handed I have a very low pain tolerance and I barley feel the piercings. He is the only person I will go to. I also love the quality of there shirt I own about 6 of them and they don’t shrink. In the photo he did all the piercings you can see my nose my double helix and double lobe!

Review №6

Both times I went to factory edge for cartilage piercings, I was able to get pierced by Joe. The environment is great, it’s clean. Very professional in the work they do and their artists always seem like they truly enjoy doing what they do. I never had any issues with any of my piercings from here, the price is legit as well. I also appreciate the honesty from the piercers with what they will and won’t do for their clients—they have been in the business a long enough time to know. Joe is my favorite piercer, I feel comfortable with him and he makes the process of getting pierced so much easier! I will always recommend Factory Edge over anywhere else.

Review №7

I go to this factory edge for all of my piercings and they are amazing. Joe is the best piercer. He is chill and confident and knows what he’s doing. He makes you feel comfortable and always listens to what you want and follows through. Would definitely recommend and will continue to come here!

Review №8

My wife, daughter, nephew, sister-in-law and myself have all received nose piercings as well as other piercings from Joe Chavez. I have to say, I have had many piercings and tattoos in my life time, but this shop is by far the cleanest and employs some of the most professional body modification artists that I have ever dealt with. There was not a single time when I was there where I felt uncomfortable, or felt like Joe Chavez was not 100% confident in his abilities. What I really liked is the fact that he made accommodations for me due to my career, and gave me and my family excellent advice for after care. Another huge plus goes to the fact that a good portion of their apparel is very pro-military, law enforcement and first responder! That is almost unheard of in this day and age. If you you are looking for a shop that absolutely knows their profession and makes you feel welcome, then Factory Edge is the place. And if you are looking for the #1 piercer in the state, then Joe Chavez is your man! Keep up the outstanding work!

Review №9

Honestly loved this place!! Joe was my piercer and he was so sweet and considerate. I’m terrified of needles and he helped me be comfortable. It was super quick and super clean. The environment and people there are the best, Even just one of the girls directing me where to go was so sweet. 10/10 recommend getting pierced there!!

Review №10

Ive had almost all my piercings done by Joe and hes absolutely awesome! Has done an amazing job with placement of the piercings and has made every appointment less stressful. Take very good care of you as well and get to know you! Will be going here for any other piercings in the future! recommend them 100%.

Review №11

I have gotten every single tattoo and piercing I have at this shop and I absolutely love everything about the art and artist. All artists make you feel at home regardless of being their client Joe and Rex have been my piercer and artist since my first tattoo WONDERFUL place

Review №12

Absolutely love my new piercing. Joe did an amazing job. Was very nervous, but the conversation made the experience very calm and comfortable. May go get another one. Thank you all for your professionalism. Much appreciated.

Review №13

I have been to Factory Edge multiple times for piercings. Joe is now the only piercer in the state I will go to, and I recommend him to EVERY ONE. He is extremely sanitary, efficient, and his energy makes you feel incredibly comfortable through the entire process. I also have great experiences with the crew up front as well. Every one is so kind and welcoming. I cannot sing enough praise of this place!

Review №14

Great service and friendly workers! my bf just got his ear re-pierced today and it looks better than ever! thanks Joe!:)

Review №15

Factory edge has been my go to, one-stop shop for piercings since I turned 18. In the past 2 years, I have received 7 different piercings from Joe. He is super friendly and confident. It gives you a sense of calmness and confidence yourself as he is about to add another hole in your body. The place is clean and the staff is professional and friendly overall. Every friend I have who wants to do spontaneous piercings, I always send Joe’s way!!

Review №16

I came here two years ago to get my nose pierced, the staff were very friendly while also professional. Was a quick and easy process and I loved the piercing as well as the jewelry they had available. I came back and brought my sister recently so she could get her nose pierced as well and yet again had an awesome experience. Will be coming here for future piercings.

Review №17

Factory edge is literally the place to go for piercings and tattoos!! I’ve done a dermal on my chest, both sides of my nose, my septum and a few tattoos. All of my piercings have healed beautifully and my tattoos are some of my favorite from here. Everyone is really welcoming and it’s a very clean environment. The entire staff team including the clothing staff are super friendly and ready to help you as soon as you walk in. 10/10 recommend cottonwood factory edge!

Review №18

I love this place and I always get the piercings I have here and when I plan on getting more I know this is my go to! I love my piercer he’s such an amazing person who makes you feel comfortable and confident even when I’m scared haha, very trusted. Love the piercings I have! And the artwork I see on my friends or on photos I know when I get mine this is the place I’ll head too! Everyone is so kind and welcoming I would 100000/10 recommend!!

Review №19

I’ve had both my nose, and my industrial pierced by factory edge and absolutely loved it. The staff were awesome, and the talent they have is outstanding. The store is super clean and the workers are super friendly. Anybody looking for new ink or piercings should definitely try out factory edge at cottonwood mall!

Review №20

Joe is genuinely the best when it comes to piercings. He has done my septum, the bottom part of my belly button, and my lip. I appreciate that he takes his time, and will remark your piercing as many times as needed so it’s perfect. I refuse to be pierced by anyone else

Review №21

Joe did my piercings and he was quick! I barely felt a thing. He made me feel calm and comfortable! I definitely highly recommend him for any piercings you have!!

Review №22

I got my septum piercing about 3 weeks ago and it healed amazing thanks to joe Chavez!! He was a very nice and funny guy. Best customer service I’ve ever had. Didn’t feel a thing just made my eyes water😂 thank u guys will come back for more!!☺️

Review №23

They are very professional and make you feel welcomed! Very respectful and comforting when you try and mentally prepare yourself for a piercing or tattoo. Always try and meet your needs and make sure we are happy with our results! It’s that family feeling for me! 🤗🤙🏽

Review №24

Joe did an amazing job on my Daith piercing! He was so professional and honest and still funny. My friend and I had a great experience! The store and his area were very clean and everything was organized. Will definitely be returning!

Review №25

Factory Edge tattoo was the best place to get my piercings done at 😍 Joe Chavez who was my piercer did an amazing job at distracting me from the pain when I got my nose, industrial and one of my ear piercings done by him! He was very professional, and very fun to be around. I can’t wait to get more piercing done soon! 😊👍🏻 I would definitely recommend going to factory edge tattoo to get all your piercings and tattoos!! 💯💯💯

Review №26

Joe is absolutely AMAZING!! He is friendly, professional and quick but on point. I took my daughter to get her nose pierced and we could be happier with the overall experience. We have gone back and will continue to go to Joe for all our piercing needs!

Review №27

Very friendly environment I was very nervous but the staff made me feel at ease would high recommend this shop

Review №28

My partner and I have gone to Joe for quit a few of our piercings, always a pleasure and they always come out amazing! Joe is a really friendly and professional guy. Factory edge is lucky to have him. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

Review №29

Nic did an awesome and beautiful job creating a likeness of my little Chihuahua. People have been amazed by his work when they see my tat. Last note is how reasonably priced they are. I will be going back. Thank you Nic!

Review №30

I went and got my nose pierced with my best friend and it was so wonderful. Joe helped us and he was so nice and helpful with how we had to take care of them and said to just contact him if we needed any help. I will definitely go back there to get all my future piercings. Thank you joe

Review №31

Absolutely love this shop! Joe does an amazing job! Shop is extremely sanitary! Not only did joe help me get a piercing cleaned up and nice after getting a bad piercing somewhere else. He is also helping me plan a unique piercing for my ear! Excited to see what other piercing we do in the future!

Review №32

Joe Chavez did mine and my daughters nose piercings. He’s awesome! Coolest guy ever! Professional and very clean! Would definitely recommend factory edge!

Review №33

I took my 12 year old to get her ears pierced for the first time again since birth after they closed. She was pretty hesitant, but after meeting and talking to Joe, she felt extremely comfortable and was feeling a little silly… thanks to his personable service and humility. I have to mention that my daughter also has special needs and Joe has this personality that can make any kids day from start to finish. I, as a parent, could not be happier with this business. Joe Chavez, if you read this, please know, that I am so thankful to you for your kindness, for your professionalism and for taking the time to even have a laugh or two with us!! People like you are the reason mother/daughter moments like this become treasured memories 🥰Always thankful Angel & Ulyvea

Review №34

I walked in for help with a septum jewelry removal. Joe was so helpful, professional and the shop was super clean. The girl at the front was very friendly and polite. Would definitely recommend for any piercing needs!

Review №35

Had a great experience at Factory Edge when I was getting my piercing! Joe Chavez was awesome in explaining everything to expect and the after care for my piercing. I would definitely go back again!

Review №36

Joe and Rex were awesome! I got my nosed pierced by Joe! He was very friendly and professional! Rex did my 2 tattoos and my husbands. Again, Rex was very friendly and did a great job! Highly recommend Factory Edge Cottonwood!

Review №37

Joe Is very professional. I have had my nose pierced and two other piercings done by him. He makes you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about how to care for them. I will definitely be back again!

Review №38

Joe and Nic have done my piercings and tattoos. Both reliable, experienced, professional, kind and just down to earth people. Everything from the place being clean and tidy to down to earth personality’s. Would 1000% recommend them!

Review №39

Joe is the man!!! This shop is always clean, friendly, & professional. I have had many great experiences here with piercings & tattoos. There’s so many to choose from in ABQ, but hands down Factory Edge Cottonwood is the best. Support Local.

Review №40

I love the piercer here, he’s done a great job with my piercings, I would definitely go there again, actually planning on getting a tattoo here soon. They’re also very professional, and make sure you like what you have.

Review №41

Absolutely wonderful staff! Everyone is super helpful and piercings and tattoos are done with patience, precision and very professional. I would recommend 100%!

Review №42

I got my nose piercing and second and third lobe piercings done at factory edge and i will be going back. It was very clean and everyone was very professional and kind.

Review №43

Every time is a great experience. the whole staff is cool and enjoyable to be around. I recommend this place on a scale of 1-10.. A million!

Review №44

The piercer Joe is very nice and professional! He has helped me out multiple times with jewelry malfunctions and does quick, clean and beautiful piercings. And can always make you laugh!

Review №45

Joe is SO amazing.He’s done 6 of my piercings.I’ve recommended him and factory edge to a million people and will continue to. He ACTUALLY cares about his clients and will decline a piercing if he knows it’s unsafe or unfit for them, which is extremely professional being that nearly all piercers will do any piercing due to $$. He knows how to make the situation calm and happy regardless of how anxious I am. I’ve also gotten a tattoo by aiden, who is a SUPER dope artist, so I highly recommend factory edge for you piercing OR tattoo needs.

Review №46

The first time I came to factory edge, Adrian pierced both me and my friend. We had our Tragus done. Adrian was so professional, and easy to talk to. I didn’t even feel the piercing going in. I was super impressed. I’ve had Joe pierce me multiple times, he did my nose (like 3 times cause I’m dumb and always let it close) and he’s also done my daith and my belly button. Joe is also very easy to talk to. Factory edge is great at explaining the process if you’re nervous, and they always make sure you’re comfortable. Everything is done on a sterile field.

Review №47

They pierced my daughters (10) ears, and were absolutely wonderful during the whole process. My daughter was smiling the whole time, even though she was a bit nervous. Thank you so much!

Review №48

I have gotten many piercings through factory edge at cottonwood! i have always been taken care of. my piercings were quick, easy, and had minimal pain. by following my piercers instructions, healing has also been quick and easy. thank you, factory edge!!

Review №49

I got my septum pierced by Joe! He honestly made the experience amazing. I was very comfortable and he was very gentle 10 out of 10 would recommend him for any piercing!!

Review №50

Everytime I go in I’m greeted with open arms. A clean and healthy environment. They are the place that I first recommend to anyone wanting a piercing or tattoo

Review №51

Very helpful! If I ever have the need to put holes in a body part, I will be back!My daughter had a piercing that went wrong from a mall vendor (learned my lesson there) and the piercer at Factory Edge helped fix the problem and gave us some very helpful advice. He was clearly very knowledgeable and was a great example of customer service.

Review №52

I love going to Factory Edge. I took my niece to get her nose pierced, and Joe was so quick and efficient..and SO professional. I also took my friend to get her nose jewelry changed out by joe, and he was just as professional. From a moto family, I love their clothes there too. Definitely would like to go get a tattoo from there as well.

Review №53

Joe from cottonwood Factory Edge, has done all my ear piercings! He’s done my upper lobe, tragus, double helix, and my triple forward helix. They have all healed smoothly & beautifully! Super clean, professional and fast.

Review №54

If youre looking for somewhere to get a tattoo, I 100% recommend Rex! He is an amazing artist who is professional and down to earth. He did this amazing tribute tattoo for my late older brother. He gave me everything I asked for and more! Its clean, great detail, and amazing color! I will DEFINITELY be going back to him again!

Review №55

Joe is an awesome piercer. He has pierced my ears and nose as well as my daughters ears, nose, belly button. He is professional and personable. Go to him for your piercing needs!!!

Review №56

This is the only place i’ll go to get any piercing especially by Joe he’s fantastic,fast,and clean. He always warns you about possible side effects and everything else and when he’s about to pierce, this place is also very trustworthy and awesome because they won’t do any piercings that are dangerous which obviously means they’re a good place to go to (: cause any place that does them obviously does not care or take pride in their work!

Review №57

Joe was such a good piercer. Professional, kind, made us laugh. I was so scared to get my tongue pierced and he made it a fun experience and made me less scared. I definitely would recommend getting pierced here!

Review №58

Absolutely love coming here for piercings! They’re always clean, super professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend coming here.

Review №59

Joe has done a few of my piercings and is all around just a great dude, adrian killed it on my industrial a while back. great environment 👏🏻

Review №60

I’ve gone to Factory Edge for 14 out of 15 of my piercings and they were always done by Joe or Aubreigh. Staff is always super friendly and wanting to help you with whatever you need. Also went with my sister to get tatted by Nic and he was extremely nice and killed it on her tattoo!

Review №61

Joe always does an amazing job whenever I get a new piercing. The enviornment is very clean and filled with some awesome and caring employees! I highly reccomend Factory Edge!

Review №62

I’ve gotten pierced by Joe a couple times, man don’t disappoint. Always clean and professional, super chill dude.

Review №63

I have gotten my medusa pierced, my nose pierced and Ive also gotten a tattoo done in the Factory Edge at the Cottonwood Mall. The staff is professional, sanitary and they are super kind and will send you out feeling informed and educated on whatever service youve gotten done. I love my piercings and my little tattoo!

Review №64

I have gotten 8 piercings from Joe Chavez! I am most definitely coming back for more! Very chill atmosphere and place also very good customer service. I definitely recommend getting your piercings at factory edge!!

Review №65

The few times that I’ve been to Nic has been very welcoming. Nic is very detailed with his work and takes his time. Everyone at Factory Edge (cottonwood) is friendly. They keep the place clean and sanitized. Everyone shows each other’s work after they’re completed and all of them are really good artists! I recommend any of them as they will take good care of you, your friends and family. Keep up the great art guys, y’all are killin it!

Review №66

Factory Edge has always been awesome! Very professional and friendly and we have never felt nervous or uncomfortable while getting a piercing done. We would not trust anyone else!

Review №67

Love factory edge!! Great vibes and energy come out of there, and you’re looking for a great piercer look no further Joe Chavez is the MAN!!!

Review №68

Joe is the only piercer I will use anymore. He is very professional and chill. I love how involved he is with his clients. So far he has done 3 for me.

Review №69

Factory edge is a great place to get your piercings done from I’ve gotten Joe for both of my nose piercings and he is so funny abs makes the experience fun!!

Review №70

Got my conch pierced here with Joe about a year ago and it healed so nicely, no infections and felt great about the sterilization of each step. Will be coming back(:

Review №71

I work in the mall down stairs and had joe pierce my nose for my birthday last year and he was very professional and knew what he was doing love all there jewelry and workers there they are all so nice.

Review №72

Me and my bestie went to get matching piercings and they took us in right away and were so great! Piercings healed great and look soooo cute!! Thank you guys💕

Review №73

I’ve gotten most of my piercings at Factory Edge and I loved the way the piercings came out every single one done by Joe Chavez from Factory Edge and I can’t wait to get more!!!😁

Review №74

Amazing service and friendly employees, amazing with their work. Got all my tattoos and piercing from here and feel in love!

Review №75

Joe Chavez is great. Very helpful. My daughter had a problem with her piercing and Joe was able to help her and was able to fit us in quickly. I would highly recommend Joe for all your piercing needs. Thank you Joe!

Review №76

My go to place when it comes tooTats or piercings, everyones so nice and kinda, price is right and it’s a family that works together in there .

Review №77

Factory Edge at Cottonwood is absolutely amazing, Ive never been treated the more utmost respect, and attention by any business, when my family was nervous to get their ears pierced, the workers knew how to calm them down and stay consistent with their work time and time again, the tattoo application is flawless and the piercings are painless amd quick, Ill continue to go to Factory Edge and Cottonwood for the rest of my days #5starbusiness!!

Review №78

I traveled with my daughter many hours to come and get her nose pierced. the area we live in does not have any professional piercer’s. We made the trip twice. The first time we came the young lady at the desk said all my daughter needed was her birth certificate and my ID. The second time we come back they said because she did not have any ID That she cannot get her nose pierced. I offered many other forms such as school records and school ID. Very unprofessional definitely will never come here again. Do not waste your time in this place

Review №79

Rex was awesome. Was able to do my 7 deadly sins tattoos in one sitting. Didnt feel a thing through the whole thing. Was really cool kept checking to make sure I was good to continue. Well definitely be coming back for any new tattoos or touch ups needed fully recommend Rex and the whole factory edge crew.

Review №80

I go here every time I want a piercing! They do amazing and answer all questions! They are very clean and sterile and are overall very professional!

Review №81

I loved the way they knew how to pierce a deviated septum and their tattoos are amazing

Review №82

Only go here for my piercings! Have never had any issues!! Highly recommend (:

Review №83

I recommend this place to anyone who wants to have such great welcoming customer service and wants to get good piercings or tattoos I have friends and a girlfriend who got their piercings & tattoos and its so good! I go there for the clothing or jewelry and this place just has a sick vibe to it!

Review №84

Joe did my industrial piercing today. I would have to say he was absolutely amazing. Very professional. Kind. Just in general amazing at doing piercings. He did my nose awhile back and did a fantastic job as well. The industrial piercing did not hurt as a piercing but was really soar the first couple hours!Aubreigh did my belly button and was absolutely amazing ! Love them ! Would definitely recommend them. It is very clean!

Review №85

My friend and I just got our noses pierced yesterday here. We were both pretty nervous since it was our first piercing, but our piercer Billy easily put our nerves to ease and made us feel comfortable. Very nice and professional, will definitely be recommending!

Review №86

I usually come here for piercings and jewelry and everyone has been super nice and always answering all my questions. I always like coming back because Joe always finds a way to put a smile on your face.

Review №87

Got a tattoo done today by Rex and he was amazing! Super professional and very patient. I also suggest Joe for all your piercing needs. He is awesome as well

Review №88

So I have had 2 piercings done at factory edge. And had both the pierces at factory edge Pierce my industrial. And my nose. And both of them are very gentle and sensitive when their piercing. They are very professional and they make sure you know how to take care of and clean your piercing before and after they Pierce it.

Review №89

They did an amazing job and were super quick about the piercing. Answered all of my questions that I had and made sure I knew what the after care was going to be.

Review №90

Got my second nose piercing with joe so fast literally painless

Review №91

Great space. The shop is well lit, clean and spacious. My husband and I worked with Rex Cole and Aaron Walker. Both men were professional, well spoken and gave us killer work! Everything I want in my tattoo shop and artist was found here.

Review №92

So I went in earlier today to get my first ever nose piercing, a septum. When I arrived at the store, I was told it would be 20 minutes for them to get ready, so I took that time to grab a quick bite. As soon as I got back, I was scolded for “running off” and told I wasted their time. (I made sure to get my food as fast as I could so I wouldn’t do that.). After Joe Chavez helped me sign up, I went to the back to get it done. He tells me that my nose is uneven and that he’ll have to pierce it a certain way, which was fine. However, once he got down to it, he left the needle in my nose and was rushing me to look at it even though I told him I couldn’t see since my eyes were watering badly. He took his sweet time putting the septum in and it hurt like crazy.

Review №93

Great experience and love my rose gold cartilage piercing!

Review №94

I have had 3 great experiences at Factory Edge in Cottonwood Mall with Joe Chavez. I would highly recommend him for any piercings.

Review №95

Awesome! Rex did awesome! He was super understanding and supportive! He got my art done super fast! AND SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!!💔😜💗💗💗💜💜💜

Review №96

Everyone was literally so rude i went to get a septum piercing changed and the piercer acted like i was bugging him. everyone makes you feel unwelcomed and a burden to them when this is literally their job, the piercer pinched my friends nose with the clamp. horrible company please go somewhere else for your piercings!!!

Review №97

The young lady is up front were very rude!As far as the piercer Billy in the back hes an awesome dude.Thank you my daughter loves her nose piercing.

Review №98

I absolutely love this Factory Edge location. Ive had many experiences here and have always been super grateful to be met with such awesome people. Ive gotten three piercings here and have always been competely satisfied. Joe is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and though I cannot remember the name of the girl who pierced me there a little while ago, she was amazing as well. I would highly recommend checking this place out if youre wanting to get pierced or are even just looking to buy jewelry. This location is definitely my trusty go-to spot!

Review №99

Joe Chavez was professional and took the time to explain each piercing and the after care for each piercing to my daughters and I. He also asked them about school and encouraged them to keep up their grades. I would definitely recommend him!

Review №100

Joe Chavez is an awesome piercer. I had gone to Claire’s when I was younger using the piercing guns. Well Claire’s completely ruined the spacing on my left ear whereas my right ear was fine. I went to Joe to try and get My left ear spacing fixed and he was super nice about it and fixed my spacing. There was a lot that I had to fix. 5 piercings in one day and it looks 100 times better. And Joe told me if I didn’t like where he placed one earring I was a little apprehensive before he pierced it, he said he would pierce it where I wanted it for free with the earring. I was impressed by his customer service and super pleased with my earrings spacing.

4.7 Rating
  • Address:10000 Coors Bypass NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114, United States
  • Site:http://iamfactoryedge.com/
  • Phone:(505) 200-2807
  • Clothing store
  • Sportswear store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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