Goodman Shipping formerly Box Brothers Los Feliz
1920 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Goodman Shipping formerly Box Brothers Los Feliz
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Staff is super friendly and made everything really easy. They helped me ship a big box to NYC at a really reasonable price. They have parking and the place smells nice, which is to say like fresh cardboard.

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Great for packaging and shipping art!

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Been coming here for years. Have always had great service and a positive experience. Recently theyve had a few new guys that I have not seen. I havent been here in about a year or so but this was my go to place for all my shipping needs. I tried to make things easier and run smoothly for the associate that would end up helping me. I emailed my labels directly to them before arriving. Each email had a note on the subject line clearly notifying what the label was for per package. But when I got there, The guy that helped me out did not want to take a few seconds to look at the subject line before printing the labels, printing them all at once. Thus causing a major confusion with the labels and what they were for because the labels did not say what they were for. I tried explaining this to him but he just got more and more frustrated with me and we ended up spending more time trying to figure it out. He then just walked away and let me figure it out on my own which took me about 30 minutes. He was unhelpful, non apologetic, said he had too much work to do, he just complained and did not care to help me out with my packages. I left what I could there. This was the second day with the same unprofessional angry associate and I dont think I want to be coming to this place anytime soon - It was just a bad experience. So, maybe they had a bad day, or maybe it was too much for me to ask? I thought I was making things a lot easier by clarifying what each label was for. I was ready to pay for their service, but I was not charged at all for any of this, so Im very appreciative of that but something was just not right about the whole experience - 2 days in a row. I had more stuff to send out but went to another place down the street the next day and had no problem with them.

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A great place and friendly staff for full service shipping at reasonable prices.

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Coolest staff best P.O. Box center

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Had to find a notary on quick notice and Goodmans had one on site and took care of the mailing aswell. I now use them for all my shipping.

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Love using these guys for my shipping needs! You can even print there which makes it extra convenient and hassle free. PS there’s parking in the back which can be easy to miss.

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Service was rapid and they had exactly what I needed. Looked like there was a new guy learning the ropes and he wasnt able to help us much, so a more experienced guy helped us complete our purchase and also helped us load it into our car. He was VERY helpful.

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Don’t even bother going to Home Depot or any other store for that matter. This local business is full of the nicest most helpful individuals and prices are fair!

Review №10

AVOID THIS HORRIBLE, MISOGYNISTIC PLACE! For three years, this was one of my go-to shipping places in the neighborhood, but I just had the most atrocious, misogynistic customer service. Judas was patently unkind, unprofessional, and misogynistic. Went to ship a small care package, then needed to make copies of documents. When one guy walked me over to the copier and stood over it/me, I started feeling a bit anxious (its a tight spot). I joked that I knew how to use a copier, and he got offended -- I literally just needed a little space to do my own thing. But Judas jumped in, implying Id been disrespectful and that they didnt need that in their shop. He kept talking and talking at me--quickly verbally attacking me and escalating things and quickly invited us to leave. Ive been a longtime customer and whatever this miscommunication was, it could and should have been handled so differently. I hope the owners understand that male employees verbally berating female customers (or any customers) is never okay. So sad the customer service has declined here. Well never return.

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Update: The Operators of this company did a great job at following through and fixing these issues. So while it was an unpleasant experience they did make it right.Original: This review is specific to their virtual mailbox services, one would assume your mail would get scanned in a timely manner and at minimum in a decent high resolution quality. No. Things often get stuck, scans are subpar, when printed you cant even make out what was scanned.Furthermore and most annoying, is a simple call to the local franchise of what the heck is going on after 7 days does someone actually move themselves to do their job. On top of this the billing is notoriously riddled with errors. Being charged storage charges for items that were marked for recycling 9 months ago.Why post here, well cant get anyone to reply to my emails, I haves sent 4 to the customer service email address over a 2 month period with no reply. Called the customer service, get voicemail. Web chat is closed....Its not my job to call and ask why my mail hasnt been scanned, its not my job to audit my invoices and it surely isnt my job to decipher what the heck was scanned by what seems to be a 10 year old Nokia phone.So would I recommend, no! I do welcome Box Brothers or Anytime Mailbox to take this opportunity to address these issues, save a 3+ year customers and acknowledge the shortcomings and fix the problems.

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I moved back to Los Angeles last year and realized, after unpacking, that my printer was broken. Luckily, I found Box Brothers on Hillhurst....Since that very first day I needed them to print some important documents, it has been my go-to place in town! They are efficient, always pleasant, and very professional. Of course, now I go there to mail anything across the country, and package things, as well as print and F A X.Its a terrific shop, staffed by top-notch workers....couldnt be more pleased with their service!

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They are great, always helpful, offer a range of prices options, and you usually get served very quick even at weekends. I ship stuff internationally and domestically with them all the time, nothing ever got lost unlike the time I went straight with FedEx! Highly recommend

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Great customer service, the staff are nice, the place is nice! The shipping fee is fine

Review №16

I really appreciate the friendly professional service I receive from these guys. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and so helpful.

Review №17

I couldnt disagree more vociferously with the negative reviews of this Box Brothers store. The service here is nothing short of outstanding! The staff is courteous, helpful, friendly, personable and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and do whatever they can to attend to your needs. It is increasingly rare and refreshing to experience service like this and I appreciate it deeply. Thats why I always come here and always will. Excellent job guys! Keep up the great work!

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Some of the guys here are super nice and so helpful. I highly recommend this place for whatever needs you have regarding shipping, boxes etc. Highly recommend and love this place! A business who gets it!

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Terrible service. They dont care at all about customers. I am supposed to get my mail but setting a mail box there is being a true nightmare. They dont respond to emails, when you call the only answer is I dont know, call later, maybe someone else will know the answer. Extremely disappointed and concerned about my mail. Go somewhere else with a real customer service support., this place isnt a good business. Funny thing: they are so quick and good at charging my card but they act like they dont know who I am and never respond to my questions and concerns when I request the service I paid for. Why do I have to pay for a mail box if they cannot even activate it? Ridiculous.

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DO NOT DROP OFF USPS PACKAGES HERE! After roughly 1 in 20 packages dropped off at this location never had tracking info entered into USPS system despite being told Everything will be fine, I finally got burned. Dropped off a package 3 weeks ago, never was scanned into USPS tracking system, wasnt delivered to destination and hasnt been returned to me. Asked to see security footage of package being picked up but after initially being told this would be no problem, I was later told it was deleted. If I could give zero stars I would.

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DO NOT COME HERE A RIP OFF AND DONT KNOW HOW TO DO BUSINESS went down hill after change of ownership.

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Great and professional service but i dont like their customers. customers call the store and asking stupid questions forever. so i gave 0 stars to their customers.

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Excellent customer service.

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So friendly! I shipped a package and the staff was crazy friendly. Much appreciated! Plus they had everything necessary to ship my item.

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I love working with Cody and his team, they have always provided excellent service for me and in shipping my art works.

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Friendly and helpful. I ship things out for my business constantly with these people.

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Coby and the team at Box Brothers of LA are THE BEST! I had to have 3 chairs that I won at an online auction picked up, packaged and shipped to my home in Colorado. I had reached out to two other shipping companies and either received ridiculous quotes for shipping (I mean, nothing short of a mortgage payment) or the companies never provided complete quotes or got back to me. I was able to reach the owner of the company, Coby on my first call - provided him the basic information I had about the chairs I needed to ship and he literally took care of the rest. He picked up the chairs at the auction house - packaged them in fewer amounts of boxes than we originally anticipated saving me a boatload - was super responsive via email and phone - and even followed up after they had been shipped to make sure I received them. And it was all REASONABLY PRICED. These guys are the best! Trust Box Brothers for your next shipment - NO QUESTION THEY AER THE MOST UPSTANDING AND HONEST IN THE SHIPPING BUSINESS! Thank you Coby and the entire team at Box Brothers for getting me Patrick Swayzes chairs to my home in Colorado.

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Very friendly staff. Five stars

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Helpful staff, we can do it attitude.

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Great packaging and shipping service.

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I go out of my way to go to this Box Brothers. Thank you for all of your help Michael!

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Friendly and helpful!

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Not the place to buy boxes

Review №34

Not good, always in bad mood.

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Outstanding service

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